Chinese Etymology

Chinese Etymology

Uncle Hanzi (汉字叔叔)

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Character (單一漢字)
English Senses For (英文): yong4
to use / to employ / to exert / use / effect / finance / to need / need / to eat / to drink

Simplified (簡體字):
Unicode := 7528
GB2312-80 := D3C3

New! Simplification explanation under construction.

Traditional (繁體字):
Unicode := 7528
Big5 := A5CE

用 yong4 (productive phonetic)


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ShuoWen: (說文解字):

New! etymology explanation under construction.

Primitive pictograph 用. A water bucket 桶. Used for sound 用. Meaning to use.

Seal (說文解字裏的篆體字)

S02383 S02384

LST Seal (六書通裏的篆體字) Characters

L35571 L35572 L35573 L35574 L35575 L35576 L19005
L19006 L19007 L18981 L18982 L18983 L18984 L18985
L18986 L18987 L18988 L18989 L18990 L18991 L18992
L18993 L18994 L18995 L18996 L18997 L18998 L18999
L19000 L19001 L19002 L19003 L19004

Bronze (金文编裏的字) Characters

B04794 B04795 B04796 B04797 B04798 B04799 B04800
B04801 B04802 B04803 B04804 B04805 B04806 B04807
B04808 B04809 B04810 B04811 B04812 B04813 B04814
B04815 B04816 B04817 B04818 B04819 B04820 B04821
B04822 B04823 B04824 B04825 B04826 B04827 B04828
B04829 B04830 B04831 B04832 B04833 B04834 B04835
B04836 B04837 B04838 B04839 B04840 B04841 B04842
B04843 B04844 B04845 B04846 B04847 B04848 B04849
B04850 B04851 B04852 B04853 B04854 B04855 B04856
B04857 B04858 B04859 B04860 B04861 B04862 B04863
B04864 B04865 B04866 B04867 B04868 B04869 B04870
B04871 B04872 B04873 B04874 B04875 B04876 B04877
B04878 B04879 B04880 B04881 B04882 B04883 B04884
B04885 B04886 B04887 B04888 B04889 B04890 B04891
B04892 B04893 B04894 B04895 B04896 B04897 B04898
B04899 B04900 B04901 B04902 B04903 B04904 B04905
B04906 B04907 B04908 B04909 B04910 B04911 B04912
B04913 B04914 B04915 B04916 B04917 B04918 B04919
B04920 B04921 B04922 B04923 B04924 B04925 B04926
B04927 B04928 B04929 B04930 B04931 B04932 B04933
B04934 B04935 B04936 B04937 B04938 B04939 B04940
B04941 B04942 B04943 B04944 B04945

Oracle (甲骨文编裏的字) Characters

J07650 J07651 J07652 J07653 J07654 J07655 J07656
J07657 J07658 J07659 J07660 J07661 J07662 J07663
J07664 J07665 J07666 J07667 J07668 J07669 J07670
J07671 J07672 J07673 J07674 J07675 J07676 J07677
J07678 J07679 J07680 J07681 J07682 J07683 J07684
J07685 J07686 J07687 J07688 J07689 J07690 J07691
J07692 J07693 J07694 J07695 J07696 J07697 J07698
J07699 J07700 J07701 J07702 J07703 J07704 J07705
J07706 J07707 J07708 J07709 J07710 J07711 J07712
J07713 J07714 J07715 J07716 J07717 J07718 J07719
J07720 J07721 J07722 J07723 J07724 J07725 J07726
J07727 J07728 J07729 J07730 J07731 J07732 J07733
J07734 J07735 J07736 J07737 J07738 J07739 J07740
J07741 J07742 J07743 J07744 J07745 J07746 J07747
J07748 J07749 J07750 J07751 J07752 J07753 J07754
J07755 J07756 J07757 J07758 J07759 J07760 J07761
J07762 J07763 J07764 J07765 J07766

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